Jul 15

Singing “Bad to the Bone” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider”

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Jun 14

Aiden and I already built a house this morning. What have you done?

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Jun 07

I honestly thought Aiden would have the first broken arm…

Sommer was at her friend’s house riding on some scooters and fell. This is after Leanne and I freaked out when we were outside doing some stuff while Aiden was taking a nap. Aiden had woken up and I went to check on him and couldn’t find him anywhere in the house. So we thought he went outside and for a walk. There was maybe 15 people from the neighborhood looking for him! I decided to check the house one more time, no where. I checked the garage one more time and then I hear a giggle… He had climbed into the spare car in the garage, took his diaper off and was pretending to drive. He was having a blast, meantime we were losing our minds.

What a crappy feeling that was…good times…

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May 13

Who says a large SUV doesn’t get good gas mileage?

I think I’ve solved the gas crisis….build all roads on a downward slope. Crisis solved! Next.

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May 10

First of all I want to say thank you to all the mothers and I hope you all had a great day!

We spent the day doing some pottery and then went out to dinner. What did you do?

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Mar 07

Must be nice to fall asleep at any position.

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Feb 24

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Feb 01

I’ve converted my wife and neighbor to DORKS!


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Dec 31

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