Oct 30

First the condensed version: If you need quality, cheap(read “free”) and easy to manage Anti-Virus then download and install this – Link. With that done, here is the expanded version:

I get a lot of questions from family, friends and friends of friends on various computer/technical topics. Mostly because I either have experience on the subject and word gets around or, as some will agree, I’m just a geek and who better to ask then a geek, right? So I’ve decided to make some posts on software, hardware and anything that I can think of to regurgitate…..now on to Part 1.

One of the questions I get asked a lot is Anti-Virus software and if you don’t know what Anti-Virus software is head over to Wikipedia. One of the main reasons for me to start out this series with Anti-Virus is because Microsoft just recently released the Microsoft Security Essentials(or MSE). MSE is basically a free edition of an anti-virus program, which evolved from Windows Live OneCare and is based on their corporate version, Microsoft Forefront, which is a highly praised corporate security package.

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