Sep 12

….and summer is over. Sommer is growing so fast and almost ready to wear her mom’s shoes! Offical report from Sommer after her first day of school was:

“It was fine”

There you have it folks, it was fine. Thanks Sommer for that indepth reporting. And what happened to summer? I wasn’t done with it yet!

Sommer 4th Grade

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Jul 14

Well, I’m sure everyone knows that the kids are out of school and I have been a little lazy(hey, it’s summer time), but I  just uploaded Sommer’s talent show she put on for her school during the last week of the school year. Leave a comment to let her know how she did.

YouTube Preview Image

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Jun 07

I honestly thought Aiden would have the first broken arm…

Sommer was at her friend’s house riding on some scooters and fell. This is after Leanne and I freaked out when we were outside doing some stuff while Aiden was taking a nap. Aiden had woken up and I went to check on him and couldn’t find him anywhere in the house. So we thought he went outside and for a walk. There was maybe 15 people from the neighborhood looking for him! I decided to check the house one more time, no where. I checked the garage one more time and then I hear a giggle… He had climbed into the spare car in the garage, took his diaper off and was pretending to drive. He was having a blast, meantime we were losing our minds.

What a crappy feeling that was…good times…

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Apr 21

Easter is another one of those holidays that have kids too eager with the thought of candy on their minds to sleep in.

Aiden and Sommer had so much fun looking for eggs that we had to do it twice! Of course we had to hold Sommer back a little so Aiden had a chance at finding a few himself. I really do enjoy this time with Aiden, he is starting to really understand things and after showing him something once, pick it up and do it himself.

A few pictures below with the link to the rest of the pictures here: Easter Pictures

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Mar 07

Must be nice to fall asleep at any position.

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Feb 24

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Jan 16

Well, Christmas was good as usual this year. Kids got too many toys again to go in their already full playroom. After practice at his birthday, Aiden was prepared for unwrapping all the presents from Santa. We had fun decorating and of course went over board with all of Leanne’s decorations, as we do every year(luckily, I have a separate storage space in the garage for the Christmas stuff, otherwise my garage would be half Christmas things and half other stuff we don’t have room for) I do have to admit though, it doesn’t feel like Christmas without all the decorations.

We also had a very white Christmas and yes, it snowed on Christmas morning! I can’t remember the last time that happen. We probably got a total of 2 feet of snow. We built an igloo brick by brick. Took awhile to do, but was very authentic in a miniature kind of way. Then Sommer decided it was missing something so we made a chair and ottoman for the resident of the igloo to relax in. Didn’t think of it but we should have carved out a hole in the armrest to hold a beverage.

And of course it wouldn’t be Christmas without family! We had a pre-Christmas with my family and an after-Christmas with Leanne’s family. My family lives in Chehalis and the weekend we made the drive, the snow started up and we ended up being stuck in Chehalis on Monday. We made it to work on Tuesday and then the snow dumped again and we were stuck at our house for the rest of the week. Luckily Leanne and I have laptops and VPN so we can work from home…..really, who are we kidding?….We watched movies and took naps….

Below are a few pictures and here is the link for all of the pictures. You can also download the photos using the link in the upper right corner on the photo site.

Christmas Pictures

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Nov 01

I had to work late the day the kids went to the Pumpkin patch, but Leanne made sure to take a lot of pictures. I was able to go trick-or-treating with them on the Halloween night though.

There are a few pictures of us carving the pumpkin as well. That was fun….and messy….and Aiden really got into it!

Halloween Pictures

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