Apr 21

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Apr 21

Easter is another one of those holidays that have kids too eager with the thought of candy on their minds to sleep in.

Aiden and Sommer had so much fun looking for eggs that we had to do it twice! Of course we had to hold Sommer back a little so Aiden had a chance at finding a few himself. I really do enjoy this time with Aiden, he is starting to really understand things and after showing him something once, pick it up and do it himself.

A few pictures below with the link to the rest of the pictures here: Easter Pictures

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Apr 21

So what I don’t understand is, what are the Somali Pirates “Retaliating” against? Are they “retaliating” because they thought threatening their hostage by putting an AK-47 to his head with Navy snipers on ready was a smart, innocent idea? So based on this, would they be “retaliating” because of their own stupidity? Or am I missing something here…..??

Somali Pirates’ Guide

I think the first bullet point says it all.

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Apr 08

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